“Humbercrest is our daughter’s first out-of-home childcare, and it’s been a wonderful experience. Miss Vanessa and Miss Roza have provided a safe and welcoming environment, and they’ve come up with a wonderful variety of activities, always adapting them to the children’s interests. The daily emails and photos help make us feel involved in our daughter’s day. It’s a great group of children and parents to be a part of too.” – Adria

“Humbercrest is a lovely school. Our daughter has been here since September 2021 and she absolutely enjoys it! She’s made two best friends along the way which warms our heart. Humbercrest is wonderful at reporting to us every day as well as sending photos of our daughter having a great time. They send what they have done in great detail every day she attends class including the snack of the day and sensory activity. With Covid they were extremely vigilant and had a lot of safety protocols as well which kept us all feeling secure. They also organize fundraisers, and send updates every month with a newsletter. I would highly recommend this nursery school.” – Samantha Young

“I highly recommend Humbercrest. Our son loves it because the teachers are so kind and patient. He learns so much everyday. The co-op element makes high quality childcare affordable. It will be hard to say goodbye when school starts in September.” – Kat Marcus

“This is our son’s first year at Humbercrest and he loves it! He has so much fun every morning. The teachers (Miss Vanessa and Miss Roza) are extremely caring and accommodating. The variety of activities planned is great — there’s always something fun and exciting for the children to experience. We also appreciate receiving the daily e-mails and photos letting us know about what our son did that day. Initially, we were on the fence about sending our son to any type of child care due to COVID, but I must admit that I’m so glad we gave it a chance. The school has been amazing with their safety protocols and keeping parents well-informed about any COVID-related issues. We are incredibly happy with Humbercrest Nursery School and have already signed him up to return for the following school year.” – Emily

“Humbercrest Nursery has been an amazing experience for our son! It has been so much fun watching him learn and grow under the BEST teachers, Stefanie and Vanessa! They consistently exceed our expectations with the program, especially with all of the fun and engaging experiments they do. We especially love the personalized emails with photos so we can really see what he is up to at school! In addition to running a truly comprehensive program, they have been absolutely amazing navigating this difficult pandemic year. We were always informed and felt confident sending our son week after week. Just the most amazing pre-school experience, we couldn’t have asked more anything more!” – Natasha Scorniaenchi

“2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty, but I’m certain putting our child into Humbercrest Nursery School was the right choice. From the initial orientation, to the updates on what the kids get up to, I can only say how impressed we have been with the organization of the school, but also the incredible teachers – Vanessa and Stefanie. My child loves school and the moment she can run up the steps towards her classroom – that says it all for me.” – Stewart Dutfield

“Humbercrest Nursery School has been a fantastic experience for our daughter. It has been such a joy to watch her grow and learn under the nurturing guidance of the teachers, Stefanie and Vanessa. They continually surpass expectations with their thoughtful and careful planning. Their handling of the practical aspects of running the program during the pandemic has been top-notch, and has helped us to feel safer and more at ease. We absolutely love reading the personalized emails (with photos!!) of what our little one has been up to during her time there. She is truly excited to see Ms Stefanie and Ms Vanessa and all her Humbercrest friends each day.” – Jacqueline, Alejandro and Iyla Espinoza

“So thrilled to have the teachers we have (Vanessa and Stefanie) helping to develop our twin sons. They are thoughtful, creative, disciplined, and are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to engage the class. They let the students learn in ways that meet their individual learning styles. The daily notes and pictures are also a great touch, and make for meaningful discussions at home. We are so lucky!!” – Leanne

Miss Vanessa and Ms Stefanie are a wonderful team and they make my son feel so welcomed and supported every day. Miss Vanessa’s daily email updates and photos make us feel connected to the school and our child during this very strange year (2020). They’re a true gift to the school and our community. Thank you!!”- Julie, Kyle and Wilder Osland

“We are so very thankful for Toby’s experience at Humbercrest Nursery school with you Doris thus far and hope that many more children for years to come will have this opportunity too. Thank you!” –  Michele, Mike and Toby Korostil-Winter

“We love you Doris and my two boys loved their time at Humbercrest nursery school. You taught us all so much. Thank you for all your hard work!!” – Mateo and Oliver Bennett

“Doris is well-known in the neighbourhood and her class has a reputation as being the best way to kick off your child’s education.  You can’t go wrong with Humbercrest Nursery!” – Naumi and Laura Haque

“Doris, you’re still a household name for the de Souza family. You gave Olivia and Ben the best, most nurturing environment I could have wished for them starting school. And you set a wonderful example for me that I still try to live up to with your patience and kindness. And Mothers Day has never been the same 😉 We will all miss seeing you in the halls of KG. Lots of love,” – Olivia, Ben, Laura & Doug

“Doris, our three girls have such fond memories of the nursery school and especially their exceptional role model as a teacher. Can’t wait to see the new space and we are thrilled that the program is still going after so many years in order for other children & families to benefit. Much Love,” –  Ed, Cam, Kira, Danika and Kendra Tang

“You are the heart of Humbercrest Nursery School. We are all so lucky to have you in our children’s lives.” -Jenny, Michael, Vivienne and Coen Vervena

“Maya’s life completely changed by being part of your nursery school! Thank you, Doris!” – Karen Lai

“I feel so lucky that both my boys went to HCN. Doris, your passion for teaching, patience for everyone and kindness is outstanding. Although we are no longer there, we want the nursery school to continue on so more children can have a great first start with their education! Most Sincerely,” – Heather, William and Philip Pearce

“Doris, thank you for everything. You played such a key role in both Thomas and Charlie’s lives and getting them ready for ‘big’ school. You’ve taught us all so much. Thank you for your patience, kindness and love.” – Sincerely Thomas, Charlie, & the entire Baker family!

“Our family has benefitted from Doris and Humbercrest Nursery School immensely. We hope to see this wonderful program continue on and on in our community. Doris, we love you dearly and words can’t express how deeply we appreciate your love for the children in your classes. Go Doris!!” – Marie & Holly Robertson

“Thank you, Doris, for giving my girls such a great start at school and preparing them so well for kindergarten. We are delighted to be able to give back and ensure that more kids in our community get the chance at the same start. Best wishes and good luck!” – Jennifer and David Harrington

“Doris’ class is the best introduction to a child’s lifelong road in education.” – Katarina Frey

“Doris you are absolutely the best!” – Josephine, Paul, Anthony & James

“Dear Doris There are a lots of things I could say about nursery school with you. Some of my favorite things were my special box of tricks and when you would play guitar and tickle my tummy. I will never forget that you gave me the right start in school and life.” – Love Max

“You have instilled in Thaya a sense of confidence and love of learning like no other teacher could ever do! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for our preciouls little ones!!!” – Thul and Craig Miles

“More than happy to help this cause so that other families may be as lucky as we were. Benjamin was with Doris for not one, but two lovely years. Her way with each and every child is pure magic!” – Wendy Bradshaw

“Thank you Doris for making Evelyn look forward to school every day!” – Julie, Justin, & Evelyn

“Doris, Not only did you teach my boys, you taught me so much as well. Thank you for everything you do and everything you are.” – Love, Megan & Shane, Nolan & Travis

“Dear Doris, Words cannot describe our appreciation for what you have done and continue to do for our kids! Thank you for your patience, kindness and love! We are very happy to support the Humbercrest Nursery School! Love from the Huffs…” – Rick, Luciana, Alicia and Tyler

“Gwendolyn still talks about her favourite teacher ever….Doris. :)” – Stephanie & Gwendolyn Dew

“We are happy to know that Doris is continuing to give young children their start in education. Our children, David, Lauren and Kate have many fond memories of their time at Humbercrest Nursery School. We are donating to help ensure that other children will experience their first years of education in the warm, nurturing environment that is Doris.” – Krysta Family